Xero Accountants with Style

G2 Accounting are one of Kew's only Gold Partners of Xero

We'd all like to spend more time relaxing on the beach sucking down a nice cold beer (or is that just us?). We love using Xero because it gets our clients - and us - one step closer to living that dream. From saving up to 90% of your business admin time, to never worrying about backups or software updates again. You can also do your 'books' on the couch with your iPad, which is really very cool. And if you're using the best accounting software, you might as well be with the best accountants as well!

FREE Xero Set-up, Conversion and Training with any of our annual accounting packages. Not bad, eh?

Want a Demo?

So you're not yet convinced that Xero is going to change your life. That's understandable.

How about you get in touch with us and let our Xero gurus set up a demo account for you to play around with. Just send us a quick email to info@g2a.com.au. We'll be happy to set you up with a demo account on the house.

Keep in mind that all of our annual accounting packages include the set-up of your very own tailored Xero account, conversion of the important info from your existing accounting software, and free training to get you on your way. After that, all enquiries and advice is covered by our annual fee anyway, so you'll always know exactly what you're 'on the hook' for before you sign up.

Why not check out our annual accounting packages.