Our talented accountants have many skills - including very amature juggling - but putting together an awesome tax return is up the top of the list. To get your 2018 Tax Return sorted quickly and easily, book in online for an appointment to see one of our happy, free range accountants in either Bendigo or Kew.

Our prices for tax returns for the 2018 financial year are as follows:

Rental Schedules and Capital Gains Schedules are charged at an additional $50 per rental property or capital gains event.
Business income is charged on a quote basis.

What do I need to bring with me?

Great question. Thankfully, we've put together a handy checklist of things to bring along with you: Tax Return Checklist

If this is your first time experiencing the amazing accounting services of G2, we ask that you bring along (or provide in advance, for a quicker service) your Tax File Number and current bank account details. For both new and returning clients, the main items to bring along are your PAYG Payment Summaries (aka Group Certificates) and your Tax Statement from your health insurance provider, if you have private health insurance.

If you do end up forgetting anything, don't fret. The ATO can provide us with some information to help, and in the worst case, you can always email in any missing documents and we can finalise the return over email.

How do I make an appointment?

We've tried to make the booking process as simple as possible. Here are the best ways to book in:

  • Click Here to book in online.
  • Call us on (03) 9855 0236
Do you offer after-hours appointments?

Yep, certainly! We know it can be hard to get away from work to do things like get your tax return done, so during the peak tax season (July to September), we offer evening appointments on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and Saturday appointments.

You can book after-hours appointments the same way as any other, using online booking or giving us a call on (03) 9855 0236.

How long does it take to complete my tax return?

We allow 1 hour for our individual and couples tax returns interview. Most individuals take less than an hour (some as little as 20 minutes) For most people, it takes less than an hour for our interview and for us to get all the information that we need to finalise your tax return. We would usually be able to give you a very close estimate of your tax refund or amount payable by that stage. In some case, we might even have it all prepared and ready to sign by the end of the hour. If not, we will typically finish off your return and have it to you to review and sign within 24-hours.

After we've lodged your return, the ATO's 'benchmark' timeframe for processing tax returns is 28 dayss - although they typically process most returns inside 14 days. In some cases, they can take longer than the 28-days, and in those cases, we typically call the ATO and bug them until they do process it (and they will usually pay interest on any refund owing to you for the excess delay).

When is my tax return due?

We get it - just like most students hand in assignments at the very last minute, plenty of people want to put off their tax return until it's REALLY due.

31 October 2018 is the official due date for most 2018 tax returns. If you're officially 'on the books' of an accountant by that time, the ATO typically extend the due date to as late as mid-May 2019. A small number of people have different due dates based on their circumstances. If you're new to us, just to be sure, we recommend getting in touch with us by 31 October at the latest.

I'm WAY behind on my taxes... Can you help?

Agh, tax! Am I right?

Unless you're due to get a big refund, putting together a tax return each year doesn't seem to get most people excited. Before you know it, one late tax return rolls into two late tax returns. And then 10. Luckily, we can help get you back on track. G2 is a judgement-free area and we certainly understand how easy it is for things to snowball and get out of control.

The first (and most difficult) step is booking an appointment with us - and the sooner, the better. Most clients in your position find that, once you've started the process, it's easy to see it out and to get everything up to date.

One of the most common concerns we hear from clients who have found themselves well behind on tax returns is that they worry about having a huge tax bill that they can't afford. In our experience, that's not always the case (sometimes clients end up with a refund!!). But in those cases where you do have a big tax bill, that's where choosing the right accountant can save the day.

With a former-ATO executive on the team, we have plenty of experience negotiating with the ATO around outstanding tax debts. We can put together an application for the ATO to waive any fines or interest that apply, by explaining your circumstances, and can negotiate a payment arrangement to pay off any debt that is outstanding over a period of time. If the end result is a figure that you just can't afford, we can apply to the ATO to waive the tax debt completely. Regardless of the situation and the circumstances, it's always better to get a start and to know what we're dealing with - and we can then put together a strategy to tackle the problem.